Aakanksha Sharma

BORN: 23 June

OCCUPATION: Playback Singer




Akanksha Sharma is an accomplished Indian singer and performer known for her melodious voice and versatile singing style. Born and raised in a musical family, Akanksha developed a passion for music at a young age, which led her to pursue formal training in classical and contemporary music.

Akanksha gained widespread recognition through her participation in popular singing reality shows, where her powerful performances and unique vocal prowess captured the hearts of audiences and judges alike. Her journey on these platforms not only showcased her talent but also marked her as one of the promising voices in the Indian music industry.

With a repertoire that spans Bollywood hits, classical renditions, and independent music, Akanksha has carved a niche for herself as a versatile artist. Her collaborations with renowned musicians and composers have further enriched her musical journey, earning her accolades and a dedicated fan following.

In addition to her singing career, Akanksha is also known for her live stage performances, where she mesmerizes audiences with her dynamic presence and emotive singing. Her ability to connect with the audience, coupled with her exceptional vocal skills, makes every performance a memorable experience.

Beyond music, Akanksha is passionate about various social causes and uses her platform to advocate for issues close to her heart. Her commitment to both her art and her community reflects her multifaceted personality and dedication to making a positive impact.

With a growing discography and an ever-expanding fan base, Akanksha Sharma continues to rise as a prominent figure in the music industry, inspiring many with her talent, passion, and resilience.


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