Ashutosh Singh

BORN: 2 October 1995

OCCUPATION: Singer, Composer

GENRES: Classical,Semi-Classical,Rock





Ashutosh Singh: Singer and Performer

Ashutosh Singh is a versatile Indian singer known for his soulful voice and dynamic performances across various platforms. With a strong background in classical music and a penchant for contemporary styles, he has made significant strides in both independent music and playback singing.

Career Highlights and Recent Works

Ashutosh Singh's recent works showcase his diverse talents and growing prominence in the music industry:

  1. TVF’s Tripling Season 3 on Zee5: Ashutosh Singh contributed to the soundtrack of TVF’s popular web series "Tripling Season 3" on Zee5. His notable songs from the series include:

    • "Papa Mummy Ne Maar Lee" (in his voice)
    • "Ghar Hi To Hai"
    • "Ghar Hi To Hai - Reprise"
    • "Jude hain Hum"
  2. Collaboration with Jatin Raj for Arijit Singh Daa and Oriyon: He is currently working on three songs with Jatin Raj, slated for release under Arijit Singh's label "Oriyon."

  3. Playback for Kuber, IIFA Awards 2023 Ad: Ashutosh Singh lent his vocals for a prestigious royal ad promoting Kuber at the IIFA Awards 2023 in Abu Dhabi. The ad has been widely broadcasted on ColorsTV and other channels.

Musical Journey and Background

Ashutosh Singh's journey is marked by a deep-rooted passion for music:

  • He has a classical music foundation and has been trained rigorously in Indian classical vocals.
  • Ashutosh has performed extensively, having participated in over 600 concerts and gigs across India.

Previous Projects and Bands

Before his solo career, Ashutosh Singh was associated with bands like Niksh.India and Heptatonic, where he honed his skills and gained valuable experience in the music industry.

Reality Show Experience

Ashutosh Singh's talent and versatility were also showcased on reality television:

  • He participated in "The Rising Stars" on Colors, demonstrating his vocal prowess and gaining recognition among a wide audience.

Future Endeavors

With several upcoming projects and collaborations in the pipeline, Ashutosh Singh continues to evolve as a singer-songwriter and performer. His commitment to music and his ability to blend traditional influences with contemporary sounds make him a promising figure in the Indian music scene.

In summary, Ashutosh Singh's journey from classical training to mainstream success reflects his dedication, talent, and versatility as a singer. His contributions to both independent and mainstream music underscore his status as a notable name in the industry.

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