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Manie Singh: Celebrating His Musical Journey

Manie Singh, a versatile artist in the realm of Punjabi music, has carved a niche for himself with his distinctive blend of original compositions, covers, and electrifying performances. His journey as a singer, composer, and lyricist spans several notable releases that have resonated deeply with audiences, particularly in the context of wedding and family events.

Original Music Releases:

1. Aankhon Se (2014)
Manie Singh made his Hindi debut with "Aankhon Se," released by T-Series. Serving as the music composer, lyricist, and singer, this soulful track showcased his prowess in creating emotive melodies that touch hearts.

2. Crazy (2014)
In 2014, Manie Singh presented the vibrant Punjabi dance number "Crazy" under T-Series, showcasing his versatility as a composer and singer. This track is a testament to his ability to infuse energy and enthusiasm into every beat.

3. Tang Lang Lang (2015)
Teaming up with singer Annie C, Manie Singh delivered the lively Punjabi Bhangra track "Tang Lang Lang," released by SagaHits. This collaboration highlighted his knack for creating infectious rhythms that compel listeners to dance.

4. Udd Jaa Re (2016)
Adding a soulful Alaap to Vishal Dadlani and Neeti Mohan's song "Udd Jaa Re," released by Being Indian Music in 2016, Manie Singh showcased his versatility and ability to enrich compositions with his unique vocal style.

5. Oh Celina (2017)
Manie Singh ventured into R&B/Hiphop with the Hindi single "Oh Celina," released by Zee Music Company. As the composer, lyricist, and singer, he demonstrated a contemporary flair while maintaining his signature emotional depth.

6. FARMAAN (2020)
During the COVID-19 lockdown, Manie Singh released "FARMAAN," a Punjabi song under USP Records. Serving as the composer, music producer, and singer, he explored themes of resilience and hope, resonating deeply with listeners during challenging times.

7. Mera Bharat (2022)
In 2022, Manie Singh paid tribute to India's spirit with "Mera Bharat," a patriotic anthem that celebrates unity and diversity.

8. Socha Vich (2024)
Most recently, Manie Singh released "Socha Vich" in 2024, showcasing his evolving style and lyrical depth.

Other Noticeable Music Covers:

Manie Singh's repertoire also includes memorable covers that highlight his versatility and ability to reinterpret classics:

Saawan Beeto Jaaye (2015)
Laaiya Laaiya & Saiyyan Mashup (2015)
Akhiyan (2016)
Filhaal (2019)
Ve Maahi (2020)
Raavi (2020)
Main Jind Laai (2020)
Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai (2020)
Bulleya (2022)
Tum Pukaar Lo (2023)

Manie Singh: Best Punjabi Singer for Wedding and Family Events

Manie Singh's unique selling proposition lies in his ability to weave traditional Punjabi boliyan with interactive performances that engage and delight guests at weddings and family events. His dynamic stage presence, combined with a deep understanding of Punjabi music traditions, ensures that every performance is a memorable celebration of love and joy.

As Manie Singh continues to expand his musical horizons and touch hearts with his soulful melodies, he remains a top choice for those seeking authentic Punjabi music experiences at their special occasions.

  • 2024-07-05